TVR Cerbera 4.5 Whirlwind Induction - MK3 version!


The famous Whirlwind8 Induction system for the AJP V8 4.5 is now a well proven route to higher horsepower and improved engine running. This kit has achieved nearly 480bhp on a 4.7AJP race engine so we know the kit works at the very cutting edge of AJP engine development.

If coupled with bespoke mapping this kit will very likely achieve over 400bhp on an otherwise standard but healthy 4.5 and we have seen 440bhp on a very highly specced 4.5 RedRose car.

The kit comprises 8 improved fit MK3 short inlet hoses, 16 hose clips, a remapped MBE ECU chip and fitting instructions. Default hose colour is black, blue hoses are also available.


Price £395.00 Includes Postage 

Emerald K6 ECU Conversion

Aftermarket engine management systems are now a common addition to many performance cars .. we believe that the Emerald K6 ECU offers the best blend of value for money, performance features and reliability and is our ECU of choice for any standalone management upgrades we carry out.

A simple drive in drive out conversion onto a Cerbera V8 can be had for as little as £1245.00 by using your existing MBE ecu as part exchange. Extras ranging from self mapping capability through to traction control are all well within the unit's ability.


Full ECU install and mapping now starts at just £1245.00 !!

Cam Timing Reset

Over the years we have developed our own cam timing set-ups for the Cerbera V8 .. the range of settings available is from the standard TVR factory timing at one end through to settings which really let the engine sing at the top end. Not many people realise that the difference between cams timed incorrectly and subsequently corrected can be as much as 30bhp!

Because of the complete lack of crank pulley timing numbers it's an often overlooked area but is one which can greatly enhance performance. Some garages may not even know how to correctly identify the cam timing your car is currently running, or how changing the settings can influence performance through the rev range.

We offer a cam timing update package which first of all checks where your current camshaft timings are (sometimes they are not even the same bank to bank) then we suggest alternative timings based on the use you put the car to.

Full cam timing checks and resetting is £400.00

Original Fitment MBE ECU Remapping

We offer remapping services for the MBE ECU as fitted to the AJP8 and Speed6 engined cars.

Remapping your ECU allows us to extract the unlocked performance in your engine. Cars are naturally mapped conservatively by manufacturers and in some cases such as the 4.5 AJP8 the mapping is so poor that a bespoke remap on our rolling road can unleash up to 60bhp over the standard car.

AJP4.2 and Speed6 cars don't gain such dramatic numbers but improvements of 20bhp are still commonplace, coupled with better driving manners and improved fuel economy. Once you start to modify your car though the benefits of remapping for engine safety and performance become very important.

You can book our rolling road for an engine power health check through to a full bespoke remap.

Rolling Road Power Run  £40.00

All TVR MBE ECU bespoke remapping £695.00 (2 days work)

All Emerald ECU remaps £395.00  or £445.00 for supercharged/turbocharged cars (one map only, additional maps at 100.00 each)