Cerbera SP6 Performance Airbox and ECU Chip
engine parts

This is a TVR Cerbera Speed Six airbox which has been internally modified with shorter intake tubes which moves the torque up the rev range and so makes more top end power. There is a reduction in midrange power from doing this but the ECU chip supplied with the airbox has slightly more advance in this area to offset this effect as much as possible.

The top end should benefit around 15hp by using this airbox. It is notoriously difficult to improve the bhp of the speed six engine (and upgrades for the cerbera speed six are particularly poorly represented in the tvr tuning world) so a gain of around 15hp is pretty good from just an airbox and chip change onto the Cerbera SP6.


The airbox has been given a fresh coat of gloss black so looks pretty good. As it is based on a used airbox there is just some minor damage around number 6 inlet but try finding a cerbera sp6 airbox with no damage though, they're a bit of a pain to fit!


Price includes postage but you can collect in person too.

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