Emerald K6 ECU for TVR Rover V8
engine parts

Aftermarket engine management systems are now a common addition to many performance cars .. we believe that the Emerald K6 ECU offers the best blend of value for money, performance features and reliability and is our ECU of choice for any standalone management upgrades we carry out.


This standard Emerald K6 ECU is pre-configured for the Rover V8 with the standard Emerald base map in.

Alternatively you can have it with a Kits and Classics configuration and base map at no extra cost. This can include revised rpm and load sites, afr table preset for the AEM X series wideband lambda sensor, boost table preset for turbo or supercharged cars, etc and phone and email support.


We aim to keep at least one K6 ECU in stock at any time but should we run out then there would be a short delay in receiving your ecu whilst we re-stock, this is normally less than 3 weeks.


We can also supply complete kits of parts for you to do your own conversion. These are supplied with a part-loom which includes the ECU plug and some wires pre-fitted but will require the loom making up to suit your own car. Please enquire for a price to suit your particular requirements. We keep many sensors, trigger wheels, relays and connectors in stock for our own conversions and can help you work through the parts you require.


We aim to offer the best value and service for an Emerald ECU TVR conversion.

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