Whirlwind8 Cerbera 4.5 Induction Kit
engine parts

TVR Cerbera 4.5 Whirlwind Induction - MK3 version!


The famous Whirlwind8 Induction system for the AJP V8 4.5 is now a well proven route to higher horsepower and improved engine running. This kit has achieved nearly 480bhp on a 4.7AJP race engine so we know the kit works at the very cutting edge of AJP engine development.

If coupled with bespoke mapping this kit will very likely achieve over 400bhp on an otherwise standard but healthy 4.5 and we have seen 440bhp on a very highly specced 4.5 RedRose car.

The kit comprises 8 improved fit MK3 short inlet hoses, 16 hose clips, a remapped MBE ECU chip and fitting instructions. Default hose colour is black, blue hoses are also available.


Price £395.00 Includes Postage 

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