Lucas 14CUX Remapping Service


Working on the basis that there's no cheaper engine management than the one you already own we now offer a bespoke rolling road remapping service for the Lucas 14CUX system as found on Chimaera, Griffith and S models as well as a whole range of kit cars, Ginetta, Morgan etc etc

Because we have our own rolling road we do not charge you separately for our mapping skills and rolling road time.

Typical remap costs onto an otherwise good condition car start from only £395.00

Typical upgrade packages for 5 litre cars including a larger Lucas 20AM air flow meter add up to 20bhp and start from £595.00


Over fuelling on cold starts and warmup phase is a relatively common issue on many chim and griff cars running the Lucas 14cux ECU but especially the 450 chimaera for some reason. This item is a trim resistor adaptor looms which fools the ecu into thinking the engine is warmer than it really is for cold starts and warm up. The trim adds 8 to 10DegC to the temperature seen at the ecu during cold running and therefore reduces the warm up fuelling. It has negligible effect on hot running so once the car is approaching normal running temp the ecu sees the correct temperature so hot running is unaffected.

The adaptor cable is plug and play into the ecu coolant temp sensor .. just disconnect the existing sensor plug (which is the brown connector at the passenger side front of the inlet manifold) and connect the adaptor loom between that plug and the sensor.

If your car has a very rich warm up (typically you can press the accelerator and the engine dies a bit because of the chronic over fuelling) then this adaptor loom might be your answer. Cheaper than a remap anyway to sort it out.

If your car has an over fuelling issue from start up, and traditional diagnostic techniques and parts replacement hasn't cured it, then this might be for you.


It is up to the customer to make sure that the adaptor works for your application, so look at the exhaust gases content on warmup to make sure there is an existing mixture overfuel issue, and then check the adaptor loom modified mixture to make sure that is still within acceptable limits.

Price 40 pounds incl std Royal Mail postage, 45 pounds if tracking reqd.


CNC Machined Blended Trumpet Base

Here is our CNC machined Blended Trumpet Base for Rover V8 cars. The trumpet base comes in both 38mm and 45mm sizes and is therefore suitable for standard Rover Injection engines as well as high capacity engines eg Chimaera and Griffith 5litre.

The traditional way to make blended bases is to have the standard Rover trumpet base casting cavities filled with chemical metal and these are then blended by hand. We don't like this idea of having something hard like chemical metal potentially come loose in the plenum which may find its way into the engine so our base is machined from one solid piece of aluminium.

The higher deck height and hence longer trumpet length of our billet base eliminates the traditional failing of the blended base, that of poor low rpm performance. The blended base loses no power low down in back to back testing compared to the standard TVR 5litre trumpetted version but gains a clear 10bhp at the top end.

Owners of cars running upstream Nitrous kits may also benefit from having the clear deck free from cavities which may otherwise have created fuel puddling problems thought to be a cause of plenum explosions if a backfire ever occurs. The minimal cavities in the billet version leaves almost no areas for fuel to puddle so plenum explosion possibilities running nitrous are vastly reduced.

Price £425.00 

Postage £15.00


Emerald K6 ECU

Aftermarket engine management systems are now a common addition to many performance cars .. we believe that the Emerald K6 ECU offers the best blend of value for money, performance features and reliability and is our ECU of choice for any standalone management upgrades we carry out.

A simple drive in drive out conversion onto a Cerbera can be had for as little as £1245.00, with extras ranging from self mapping capability through to traction control all well within the unit's ability.

If you have a high bhp Rover V8 car then changing the standard Lucas based system to an Emerald will liberate more power, better driving manners and improved economy. Drive in drive out packages with full wasted spark ignition and fully mapped start from £2695.00 when you use your existing ecu and hardware as part exchange. If you wish to keep your original ecu and hardware then the package price is £3045.00

Full ECU install and mapping now starts at just £2695.00 !!