Kits and Classics can supply the full range of CliveF Performance Pipe Art Products


Clive Ford has produced some beautiful exhaust manifolds and decat pipes, many of which were tested on the Kits and Classics rolling road so there is no better place to have your CliveF parts fitted and mapped, guaranteeing you the best possible results from your purchase.


Kits and Classics can supply, fit and remap your car using any of the CliveF products, here are some example prices :

Price 1 is supplied and fitted , Price 2 is supplied, fitted and bespoke ecu-mapped 


Stainless steel decat pipe for TVR Griffith / Chimaera ............................1 £480.00 / 2 £730.00 (lucas ecu)











Stainless steel direct replacement manifolds for TVR Griffith / Chimaera.. 1 £1580 / 2 £1830.00 (lucas ecu)











Stainless steel equal length opposing firing order performance manifolds for TVR Griffith / Chimaera... 1 £3100 / 2 £3350 (aftermarket ecu -  cars with Lucas ecu require injector wiring modifications)











Speed 6 Hi Flow stainless decat pipes..  1 £420.00 / 2 £995.00 (MBE ecu)











Large bore Speed 6 manifolds... 1 £2480 / 2 £2995.00 (MBE ecu)














If you require any information on other tuning items please call or email